Uganda needs a Job Creation Fund. How to raise Revenue to Support the Job Creation Fund

We invest trillions of shillings every year to make the rich comfortable on the tarmac roads in their posh cars and expensive useless and purposeless rides. Ofcourse we also public officers plunder trillions of shillings to send their concubines to Dubai for shopping, buy expensive cars they never drive, build apartments and sky scrappers the remain empty. Amidst all this seventy five percent of Ugandans can not find a job. Why can’t we spend ten trillion shillings every year to create jobs for Ugandans. Join us in advocating for a job creation fund to create jobs for Ugandans by learning how it can be funded.

As you sit at home content with the little wealth you have, 85% of graduates are unemployed or under employed.According to the Bank of Uganda Financial Capability Survey 2022, out of the 22.8 million working Ugandans, only 1 percent earn more than Shs1m while 49.2 percent earn less than Shs150,000 per month. Furthermore, the survey discovered that 79.6 percent of working Ugandans have not completed secondary level education and that more than 49.2 percent of working Ugandans earn less than Shs150, 000 per month.

These are our children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and neighbors. Every day the problem of unemployment become worse as public officers prioritize enriching themselves. You can take action by simply supporting the creation of the Uganda Job Creation Fund of ten trillion shillings per year. The Job Creation Fund if funded at that level can create 4million jobs per year.

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Every action you take against corruption however small is a big step towards eradicating corruption in Uganda. So do something today to show that you are against corruption and impunity in your community

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