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The Government of Uganda launches Parish Development Model Initiative to complement Emyooga

The Government of Uganda has launched the Parish Development Model Initiative to complement Emyooga with funding of Ushs 200bn. According to the Government with effect from next month, each of the 10,594 parishes in the country will receive Shs19.1m under the new government Parish Development Model initiative. This is part of Shs200b the parliament appropriated for the Parish Model. The President of Uganda, HE Tibihaburwa has asked Parliament to increase the appropriated money for the Parish Model from the current Ushs 200bn to one trillion shillings in the next financial year. If Parliament agrees with the proposal by President Tibihaburwa, each parish will get Ushs 100m per year from the Parish Development Model initiative. The money will be placed under a parish Savings and Credit Cooperative Society through which the residents will access it.

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