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The Constitutional Court of Uganda needs to adopt strict scrutiny for laws that burden the right to equal protection of the law, freedom of speech and other insecure liberties.

Uganda is at crossroads and soon or later it might jump off the edge of the liberty mountain and fall into the abyss of tranny. The Constitutional Court of Uganda and the Supreme Court of Uganda are responsible for the weakening the rule of law in Uganda and thus they urgently need to change course before everything is lost. The courts have gutted the right to meaningful participation in the political process, the right to peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression.

There is this standard of review called strict scrutiny whereby laws that restrict fundermental rights must serve a compelling state purpose and must be narrowly tailored to achieve the compelling state interest. However, Lawyers use the strict-scrutiny shorthand to imply that laws that abridge guaranteed liberties like the right to choose a sexual partner, to speak freely and to be protected against deliberate racial discrimination are almost always overturned. Strict scrutiny simply places a very high burden on the state to show that the purpose it wants to achieve by limiting the enjoyment of a fundermental right is so important or compelling that it justifies the limitations that it has imposed, that it had no other less burdensome alternative available to it and it has tailored the limitation in such a way that it does not more than necessary to achieve the compelling state interest.

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