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Corruption in Uganda. The Parliament of Uganda is paying 800m shillings per month to Sudhir Rupalaria for office space yet NSSF buildings are empty.

Parliament is renting office space from Kingdom Kampala Ltd at Ushs 800m per month. The two year contract between parliament and Kingdom Kampala Ltd owned by Sudhir is estimated to add up to Ushs 20bn shillings.

One wonders why waste so much money in renting expensive office space yet many buildings in Kampala are vacant. Even NSSF Uganda which collects and invests retirement benefits of Ugandans has many buildings that are vacant in Kampala. One of the buildings called social security house is next to parliament. One wonders whether NSSF was given an opportunity to place a bid to provide office space to Parliament and if not, why not?

Even if NSSF Uganda overcharged parliament, atleast we would console ourselves with the knowledge that the money is benefiting workers and the Government of Uganda given that NSSF is a big creditor to the state. The thieves in public service can not accept such a result because it would benefit Ugandans. Obviously we must award the contract to a person whose wealth is suspicious. For God and my country.

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